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Family Files Lawsuit After Little Leaguer Falls From Bunk


A little leaguer suffered serious injuries at the Little League World Series after falling from a bunk. The lawsuit claims the Little League World Series should have known better than to use bunk beds without railings to protect the children from accidentally rolling out of the bed. The family has also filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the bunk beds.

Now, anyone with twins knows that the top bunk has a railing to prevent children from rolling out of bed. So the question becomes: Where do you find bunk beds and bunk bed manufacturers that do not put railings on their beds? Well, the majority of these beds are manufactured for prisons. Prison bunk beds tend not to have railings on them.

Why not? Do we just not care about prisoners as much as we care about children? Yes, but that’s probably not the reason that prison bunk beds don’t have railings. Children tend to suffer from night terrors much more frequently than adults. Hence, why children’s beds would require railings while adult beds would not.

What are night terrors? 

As you fall asleep, you go through four stages of sleep until you hit REM sleep. During REM sleep, your body is paralyzed. In your mind, you’re doing all sorts of amazing things like flying around or running a marathon. If your body thought you were actually doing those things, you’d be running around your bedroom hitting the walls. Night terrors occur in stages 3 and 4 of sleep, just before you hit REM. Your body is, therefore, not paralyzed. In other words, if you can be dreaming that you’re diving into water, but actually just strike your head on the floor. Sleepwalking occurs during stages 3 and 4 of sleep as well. Children are much more susceptible to this type of psychological disorder than adults are. Hence, you want to secure them into a bunk bed.

In this case, the Little League World Series is being blamed for cutting costs on bunk beds by tapping prison providers for their wares. The bunks did not have railings resulting in one child rolling out of the bed and injuring himself. Because night terrors are a known complication of adolescence, the event is being blamed for the injury that occurred.


The boy suffered a fractured skull, so chances are good that he has a serious brain injury to go along with it. We can’t be certain of the full impact of the injury. It is unlikely we will know that until a year has passed. Nonetheless, a skull fracture sustained at his age could prevent him from participating in contact sports for the rest of his life. It could also impair his cognitive abilities and result in permanent mood and memory disturbances. The Little League World Series has since removed the bunk beds and now only uses single beds in dorms.

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