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Category Archives: Medical Malpractice


Anesthesia Errors: A Closer Look

By The Matassini Law Firm |

In Florida, anesthesia mistakes disproportionately affect elderly, male patients, but anyone can be a victim at any time. Largely because of the high medical duty of care outlined below, a Tampa medical malpractice attorney might be able to obtain substantial compensation in an anesthesia error case. That compensation usually includes money for economic losses,… Read More »

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Five Commonly Misdiagnosed Conditions in Florida

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Lack of evidence is usually at the heart of most medical misdiagnosis cases in the Sunshine State. This lack of evidence begins during medical examinations. On average, doctors listen to patients describe their symptoms for only about eleven seconds. It’s impossible to formulate a preliminary evidence-based diagnosis based on such a short interaction. Making… Read More »

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The Medical Misdiagnosis Crisis and You

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Doctors have a great deal of training and cutting-edge diagnostic tools, so there is little excuse for misdiagnosis. Yet roughly 20 percent of chronic illness cases are misdiagnosed. Some patients are diagnosed with serious conditions they do not have, while others are seriously ill and do not know it. Because of their training, doctors… Read More »

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Opioid Malpractice Lawsuits On The Rise As Patients-Turned-Addicts & The Feds’ Haul Doctors Who Over-Prescribe Into Court

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Opioid over-prescription is a serious problem throughout the U.S. Primary doctors often prescribe pain pills for simple back pain. However, some have tied pain heavy-duty pills, patches, and sprays to the heroin epidemic. Doctors are supposed to use reasonable care to act as other doctors in the same specialty would act under the same… Read More »

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Surgical and Post-Surgical Mistakes in Tampa

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Everyone, including doctors, makes mistakes. That is a part of life. Moreover, everyone, including doctors, is responsible for the mistakes they make. Legally, if a lack of care caused the mistake, the doctor or other negligent actor may be responsible for damages. Liability is usually easier to establish in these cases. Doctors have a… Read More »

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Six Commonly Misdiagnosed Conditions In Tampa

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Many doctors lack the information needed to properly diagnose their patients. On average, physicians only listen to their patients for eleven seconds before they interrupt or redirect them. That small window of time is nowhere near large enough to learn about a patient’s symptoms. So, doctors often “go with their guts.” This approach sometimes… Read More »

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Seven Commonly Misdiagnosed Conditions

By The Matassini Law Firm |

People in Tampa rely on their doctors to properly determine the nature of their illnesses or injuries. Yet over twelve million Americans are misdiagnosed every year. Usually, misdiagnosis involves the failure to properly detect a serious illness. Other patients receive “bad news” about diseases they do not really have. Overall lack of information may… Read More »

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By The Matassini Law Firm |

Since 1976 The Matassini Law Firm, P.A. has been assisting victims of medical malpractice seek just compensation. We frequently get questions from potential clients and would like to share some of the most common. What is medical malpractice? Answer: Medical malpractice is negligent treatment by medical providers, such as a doctor, hospital, nurse, chiropractor,… Read More »

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Medical Malpractice Reform: The Road Ahead

By The Matassini Law Firm |

If you are injured through the negligence of a doctor or other health care practitioner or facility, your concerns include whether you will receive fair compensation to pay for medical expenses and other damages. That just became more difficult in the state of Florida. In May, the Florida legislature passed Senate Bill 1792, a… Read More »

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