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Category Archives: Personal Injury


Hit-and-Run Crash Follows Deadly Shooting at Tampa Apartment Complex

By The Matassini Law Firm |

It was an eventful night for all the wrong reasons for residents in and around the Avesta Del Rio Apartments in Northeast Tampa. Investigators believed that a person or persons fatally shot a man, fled the scene in a blue sedan, crashed into a black sedan, and then fled on foot. Emergency responders rushed… Read More »

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Medical Bills in Spine Injury Cases: A Closer Look

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Spine injuries are among the most life-changing catastrophic personal injuries. The medical bills alone could exceed a few million dollars in serious cases. Frequently, health insurance companies refuse to pay all these costs, for business reasons. The total costs, in the end, are far too great for most people to pay on their own…. Read More »

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By The Matassini Law Firm |

During this national emergency and worldwide pandemic offices and homes have been beset by a cleaning frenzy. Many of the chemical products used to clean and disinfect surfaces (door handles, floors, counter tops, etc.) can be dangerous if a person’s skin, mouth, or eyes are exposed directly to the chemical substance. Special care must… Read More »

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Fatal U-Turn Crash in Lutz

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Few details were available about a fatal wreck which occurred near the intersection of U.S. Highway 41 and Sunset Lane. According to police and witnesses, 46-year-old Debra Beltramea, who was southbound on 41, attempted to make a U-turn onto the northbound side. In so doing, she collided with another northbound motorist, whose name was… Read More »

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How Lawyers Help Head Injury Victims Recover

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Although a Tampa personal injury attorney is not a doctor, an attorney helps victims recover from serious head injuries and other wounds. These injuries are expensive. The average hospital bill from a head injury exceeds $100,000. Frequently, health insurance companies refuse to pay these expenses, citing liability questions. Most people do not have the… Read More »

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Top Five Kinds of Nursing Home Neglect Injuries

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Nursing home neglect is far too common in Florida’s long-term care facilities, largely because of understaffing. This problem affects as many as 70 percent of the nursing homes in the Sunshine State. Understaffing could mean a lack of people to properly care for residents. Under-qualification is a related problem. To deal with increased resident… Read More »

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Shoulder Dystocia and Birth Injuries

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Newborn infants are usually very tiny, and the mother’s birth canal is usually very tiny as well. If the baby’s shoulders are slightly too wide, the baby often becomes lodged in the mother’s birth canal. This situation is quite common, as shoulder dystocia is one of the leading causes of birth injuries. If the… Read More »

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How Does Florida’s New Cell Phone Law Affect Distracted Driving Claims?

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Before July 2019, Florida had one of the weakest cell phone laws in the country. It only applied in limited situations, and officers could not issue citations unless they pulled drivers over for something else. But that was before the new limited hands-free law took effect. In most cases, the law prohibits texting and… Read More »

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The Three Types of Distracted Driving in Florida

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Most drivers agree that distracted driving is one of the most dangerous driving behaviors. Yet most drivers also admit that they often do not focus on driving. Most people multitask their way through the day. We type on the computer while we talk on the phone and carry on conversations with our spouses as… Read More »

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Feds Launch Criminal Talc-Asbestos Investigation

By The Matassini Law Firm |

A Washington, D.C. grand jury is exploring allegations that Johnson & Johnson knew the talcum powder it sold may have been laced with asbestos. If the grand jury finds these allegations are true, the pharmaceutical giant could face incredibly stiff criminal penalties. The company, which faces about 14,000 talcum powder lawsuits, said it had… Read More »

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The greatest distinguishing feature among attorneys is their level of experience. Our firm has more than 60 years of legal experience, much of it spent in the courtroom at trial. As a result, our Tampa personal injury lawyers rarely encounter an unfamiliar situation and can thoroughly answer your urgent questions. Our criminal defense practice features a board certified criminal trial lawyer and two former prosecutors with impressive knowledge of trial tactics and procedures.

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Whether your case involves medical malpractice, an auto accident or a wrongful death, your attorney must be prepared to take the case all the way through trial to verdict. Many personal injury attorneys advance the cost of litigation, so they can only last so long before financial pressures start to mount. As a client, you have to wonder whether an attorneyÕs advice to settle your case reflects the quality of the offer or your attorneyÕs need to get paid. Fortunately, The Matassini Law Firm has the resources to pursue civil verdicts and settlements that reflect the actual value of your case.

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