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Monthly Archives: April 2020


Does Pitocin Prevent or Cause Birth Injuries?

By The Matassini Law Firm |

In the early 1900s, scientists discovered that oxytocin, a substance in the mother’s body, controlled uterine contractions during labor and delivery. In 1955, Du Vigneaud successfully converted this hormone into a drug called pitocin. Vigneaud’s work on oxytocin/pitocin earned him a Nobel Prize. Today, over a half-century later, pitocin is still the most widely… Read More »

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Deadly Motorcycle Crash in Pasco County

By The Matassini Law Firm |

A motorcyclist is dead after he lost control of his bike, fell into a traffic lane, and was run over by an oncoming car. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a 49-year-old man was northbound on U.S. 98 when, for unknown reasons, he lost control of his bike, slid off the road, and smacked… Read More »

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Citing Coronavirus, Feds Allow More Drowsy Truckers on Area Highways

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Truckers are essential to the supply chain. But when regulators relax safety rules in response to the pandemic, is your family safer? A limited safety exemption was already on the books. On March 18, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration extended the hours of service exemption to include truckers hauling fuel, groceries, medical supplies,… Read More »

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Why Should We Care About Some Common Third-Party Liability Theories?

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Florida’s roads and highways are home to some of the most serious vehicle collisions in the country. Frequently, victims sustain serious head injuries or spine injuries; the resulting medical bills often exceed $100,000. Unfortunately for these victims, Florida also has one of the lowest auto insurance coverage requirements in the country. So, many of… Read More »

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Deadly Left-Turn Crash Near Fairgrounds

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Although the issues seem clear-cut, legal responsibility is uncertain in a wreck which killed a 56-year-old Tampa man. According to police and witnesses, 60-year-old James Martin had the green light as he approached the intersection of Orient Road and State Road 547. As he tried to turn left from Orient onto 547, Steve Aguilar… Read More »

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Medical Bills in Spine Injury Cases: A Closer Look

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Spine injuries are among the most life-changing catastrophic personal injuries. The medical bills alone could exceed a few million dollars in serious cases. Frequently, health insurance companies refuse to pay all these costs, for business reasons. The total costs, in the end, are far too great for most people to pay on their own…. Read More »

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By The Matassini Law Firm |

During this national emergency and worldwide pandemic offices and homes have been beset by a cleaning frenzy. Many of the chemical products used to clean and disinfect surfaces (door handles, floors, counter tops, etc.) can be dangerous if a person’s skin, mouth, or eyes are exposed directly to the chemical substance. Special care must… Read More »

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Drunk Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Wimauma Woman

By The Matassini Law Firm |

An allegedly intoxicated motorist rear-ended 37-year-old Shawna Smith’s car, killing her almost instantly. The wreck occurred on Interstate 75 near the Big Bend Road exit. According to police and witnesses, 32-year-old Alberto Vigo, of Bradenton, tried to pass Smith as the two were travelling north. Vigo misjudged the angle and clipped the rear of… Read More »

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I Wasn’t Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet. Can I Still Obtain Compensation for My Crash Injuries?

By The Matassini Law Firm |

Like most other states, Florida has a partial motorcycle helmet law. All riders under 21 must wear protective headgear. Riders over 21 must also wear helmets unless they have at least $10,000 in AD&D insurance that applies to motorcycle crash losses. Because of these requirements, many injured victims think they are ineligible for compensation… Read More »

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Possibly Impaired Driver Kills Two Teenagers

By The Matassini Law Firm |

18-year-old Erinasha Jones had a BAC level just below the legal limit and smelled of marijuana in the aftermath of a fatal collision on Interstate 275, according to investigators. At the time of the wreck, Jones was northbound on I-275, approaching the Avenue N exit. She swerved from the inside lane to the exit… Read More »

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