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What is a Semi-Truck’s “Black Box”?


You’ve heard of airplanes having “black boxes” that can be used after a crash to determine what happened. However, today, most semi-trucks have them as well. A semi-truck’s black box can provide crucial data if you are injured in a crash. In this article, the Tampa, FL truck accident attorneys at The Matassini Law Firm will discuss black box data in semi-trucks and how it can be used to bolster your personal injury lawsuit.

What is a black box? 

“Black box” is a generic term that refers to several different components of the computerized systems that are now routinely installed on commercial vehicles. In semi-trucks, these devices are used to monitor driver safety and the status of the truck. While some black boxes continuously record data, others only start recording after a crash is detected. The information that a black box records after a crash is absolutely essential to your personal injury case. Without it, it can be more difficult to prove that the truck driver was at fault for the accident. For this reason, truck companies are reluctant to share this data with plaintiffs unless they are legally compelled to do so.

Electronic control modules 

Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) are small computers that operate in modern engines. They are typically composed of multiple smaller computers and sensors that monitor and control various elements of the engine as well as the vehicle’s performance. This includes elements such as fuel injection timing, transmission function, anti-lock brake systems, traction control, and more.

If you’ve ever seen your “check engine” light go on, that’s your vehicle’s ECM warning you that there’s a problem. The ECM generates fault codes for diagnostic purposes that help mechanics understand what the problem with your vehicle is. They record a great deal of information such as engine speed, temperature, battery information, tire pressure, transmission temperature, emissions, oxygen ratio, and more.

Event data recorders (EDRs) 

Event Data Recorders are triggered when a certain event takes place. This can include sudden deceleration, airbag deployment, seatbelt tensioner activation, sudden braking, and any other indicator that a crash has occurred.

When triggered, they preserve a recording of information such as speed, cruise control status, braking, clutch application, and wheel turning. This information can be used to determine exactly what happened during an accident.

Use in lawsuits filed against trucking companies

 In commercial trucking accidents, black boxes are extremely important because they generally contain the best evidence of what the truck driver was doing directly prior to a crash. They can also provide data concerning mechanical failures within the truck itself. The data may show that the driver was speeding or failed to brake directly before a collision. It can also show the exact moment that the collision occurred and what the truck driver did after it happened.

The black box contains direct proof of what happened and can be used to bolster your arguments when suing a trucking company. For that reason, the trucking company won’t just give you access to the black box data, you have to subpoena that information with the help of a lawyer who will petition a judge to turn it over.

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