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Personal Injury results

Life Insurance

a. $301,000 - Paul came to The Matassini Law Firm, P.A. in need of attorneys who would fight to obtain his deceased brother’s life insurance policy rightfully owed to him as beneficiary. The insurance company denied Paul’s claim to the policy because of an alcohol exclusion within the policy. While the decedent did have alcohol in his system this was not his cause of death. Insurance companies notoriously try to cut corners by denying claims where they are rightfully owed to the client. Our firm obtained copies of the death certificate and aggressively pursued the insurance company until they tendered policy limits to our client.

2. Wrongful Death

a. $1,600,000 - Kimberly was briefly incarcerated in Hillsborough County Jail. While incarcerated the pregnant, Kimberly, began complaining of sharp labor pains and vaginal discharge to the prison health services prior to the child’s birth. The contracted Prison Health Services and Sheriff’s officer disregarded Kimberly’s complaints and her increasingly debilitating state prior to giving birth. Kimberly was forced to remain in her cell and give birth to her child in the cell toilet. Tragically, the child suffered a severe infection of the chorionic sac and died on the way to the hospital. Plaintiff’s counsel vehement belief that both the Prison Health Services and Sheriff’s office negligently failed to appreciate her complaints and to provide proper care, equipment and training in obstetrics to Kimberly, which resulted in the death of her son. The case went to trial and Plaintiff’s counsel obtained a $1.25 million dollar settlement with Prison Health Services during trial while the jury was deliberating. Counsel had earlier obtained a $350,000 settlement from the Sheriff’s office for their civil rights violations.

3. Auto Negligence

a. $200,000 – Mariyah and her family came to our firm after she was injured in an auto accident. Mariyah and her friends were stopped on the shoulder of the road attempting to change a flat tire. The Defendant, a drunk driver, slammed into the rear of the parked teenagers and caused significant injuries. There were six (6) total claimants injured in the accident with the total available policy limits of $500,000. The Matassini Law Firm fought aggressively at an early global settlement conference to achieve a $200,000 settlement for our client without having to file a lawsuit and the inevitable delay that would follow.

4. Auto Negligence

a. $200,000 – Reginald was a passenger on a public transportation bus. The bus driver failed to pull to the curb at the designated bus stop to discharge passengers in violation of company policy, which forced Reginald to exit the bus and cross a full lane of traffic. As Reginald was exiting the bus a reckless driver sped past the bus on its passenger side and struck Reginald causing debilitating injuries to his spinal column with subsequent surgery. The Matassini Law Firm was able to quickly obtain policy limits against the reckless driver, however, the bus company denied any negligence on behalf of their driver. The Matassini Law Firm filed a lawsuit and forced the bus company to pay on behalf of their negligent driver. The bus company’s financial responsibility, as a government entity, was limited under Florida’s sovereign immunity laws. The bus company eventually settled at mediation for slightly under the maximum statutory limits they were obligated to pay.

5. Medical Malpractice

a. $900,000 – Winnifred was a remarkably healthy and very active 80 year old senior citizen enjoying her golden years with her husband of over 50 years. Winnifred began having some neck pain due to a degenerative issue and visited a pain management anesthesiologist for cervical epidural steroid injections. The Defendant doctor breached the standard of care and injected the steroid into her spinal column. Tragically, Winnifred sustained a debilitating injury, quadriparesis, which caused muscle weakness and paralysis in her limbs. As a result, a once active woman’s health began to quickly deteriorate and her quality of life was dramatically affected. The clinic that employed the doctor only had $250,000 in insurance coverage available and they refused to even offer that amount, claiming what happened to Winnifred was a known risk of the procedure. After a lawsuit was filed against the clinic and the doctor a settlement was reached and the doctor and his employer paid substantially more than their insurance policy limits. Now Winnifred has the financial means to assist her with nursing care she requires that is not covered by Medicare.

6. Medical Malpractice

a. $1,115,000 – Tommy presented to a clinic’s outpatient vascular center to undergo common iliac artery angioplasty, stenting, and external iliac artery angioplasty. The treating physician used an inappropriately sized balloon during the procedure which resulted in the puncture of the external iliac artery. Tommy complained of pain in his flank to the treating physician but no CT scans were conducted and no periprocedure antibiotics were administered. The treating physician imprudently relied on an inadequate study and released Tommy from the hospital. The physician’s negligence led to the development of an infected pseudoaneurism, sepsis in the left foot, left arm, and the Lumbosacral spine became abscessed. Tommy was left in a debilitated life altering condition but along with co-counsel The Matassini Law Firm was able to afford Tommy and his family some financial security.

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