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Organized Scheme To Defraud: What Is It?

Fraud has been around a long time. Misleading a person or persons in order to obtain property or financial benefit is a well-known form of white collar crime. Recent legislation has upped the risks for those who take advantage of the Internet or participate in loose coalitions of scammers who use electronic means to commit fraud. In Florida, the crime is called an organized scheme to defraud.

If you engage in a scheme to mislead others in Florida for monetary gain, you can be charged with organized fraud. Here are some points to consider about the crime:

  • A scheme to defraud is a systematic course or pattern of behavior intended to obtain money or property from others under false pretenses.
  • An organized fraud scheme involves electronic means of communication and transmission like the Internet. Phishing or spoofing, the practice of fraudulently representing yourself or your company on the Internet is at the base of many of these schemes. As noted in the legislation, the law recognizes fraudulent concealment of identity on the Internet as means to obtain valuable personal and financial information from potential victims.
  • If you are charged with organized fraud in the state of Florida, you may face misdemeanor or felony charges. Depending on the severity of the crime, you could see 30 years in prison, sizeable fines and restitution. Participation in federal crimes like mail and wire fraud may bring additional charges.

With widespread use of the Internet come new forms of crime. If you face Internet fraud charges, speak to our lawyers for experienced legal counsel.

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