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Top Seven Causes of Injury-Related Death in Florida


A few of the leading causes of accidental death are true accidents. House fires are a good example. Sometimes, lightning strikes homes and causes fires. Typically, however, defective wiring or other man-made causes trigger house fires.

In cases like these, manufacturers and homebuilders are usually strictly liable for damages. In other situations, a Tampa wrongful death attorney must establish negligence. In this context, negligence could be a lack of ordinary care or it could be a violation of a statute.

In all these situations, damages normally include compensation for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Additional punitive damages may be available as well, in some extreme cases.

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Human error causes about 95 percent of all the car crashes in Hillsborough County. That error could be a lack of care, such as driving while fatigued or driving while impaired. A statutory violation, such as speeding or DUI, could be involved as well.

Additionally, vehicle collisions often involve third-party liability. For example, in alcohol-related crashes, the bar, restaurant, or other commercial alcohol provider might be vicariously liable for damages. Third-party liability is especially important in vehicle collision matters. Wrongful death damages are usually so high that the tortfeasor (negligent driver) does not have enough insurance to cover them.


Nearly all of these incidents involve drug overdoses. Many times, some form of negligence is involved as well.

Some pill makers intentionally disregarded the risk of addiction. Instead, they sold powerful painkillers to people who arguably did not need such medicine. Additionally, under the Controlled Substance Act, drug shipping companies are not just truck drivers. They have a duty to ask safety-related questions. If they fail to do so and blindly transport dangerous drugs, they may also be liable for damages.

Due to the scale and scope of the opioid crisis, these cases are extremely complex. Often, attorneys used nuisance and other theories as opposed to negligence or strict liability.


A simple slip-and-fall is often fatal, especially if the victim had a pre-existing condition. Typically, the landowner is legally responsible for wrongful death and other damages.

Falls from high places also cause a number of fatalities, especially at construction sites. The old story about a penny being fatal if dropped from the top of the Empire State Building is not entirely true. But, it contains more truth than falsehood.


Many plastic bag manufacturers do not include the proper warning labels on their products. If the warning is missing or incomplete, the manufacturer may be strictly liable for suffocation damages, as outlined above.


Swimming pool drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death for children under fourteen. Just a few moments at the bottom of the water could cause a lifelong or fatal injury.

Florida law imposes strict safety standards on both private and public pool owners. If the owner fails to live up to the standard, and that failure substantially caused the victim’s injury, the landowner may be legally responsible for the injury. Additionally, the victim/plaintiff must normally prove that the owner knew about the property or other defect.


As mentioned above, either negligence or a defective product often causes the fatal fires in Hillsborough County.

Extreme Heat or Cold

There is not very much extreme weather in Florida. So, when heat waves or cold snaps occur, they often wreak havoc. Once again, property owner negligence may have been involved. Some owners do not provide the proper climate control equipment or what is reasonably prudent under the circumstances.

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