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Was Your Motorcycle Accident Caused by Road Debris?

Road debris, damaged or uneven road surfaces and flotsam from other cars can create a myriad of problems for cars and trucks. These problems are even worse for motorcycle riders. The limited contact with the road and unprotected posture of the rider combined with road debris can mean disaster.

The debris can be anything from pieces of blown-out tires, dropped lumber or other cargo, even pieces of other motor vehicles from mufflers to rear view mirrors.

If you’ve been injured or suffered a loss in a vehicle accident, sorting out liability can be complicated. This means it can be difficult to recover what you are entitled to in the wake of the wreck. But you could be eligible for injury compensation, medical bills and even lost wages.

The first step after the accident is determining who might be at fault. This can be the most difficult part of the equation. Proving where the debris came from and whether the accident was actually caused by road debris can be tough. If the accident was caused by road debris, there could be a government agency responsible for failing to maintain the road, allowing the surface to deteriorate and creating a hazard. If you’ve hit debris dropped from a passenger car or a truck, the driver of the car or the owner of the truck could be held responsible for your accident.

If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by road debris, it’s important to get a strong personal injury lawyer to determine your rights and protect your legal interests.

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