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Florida Man Shoots Pit Bull in Self-defense

Imagine you are out walking your dog on a beautiful Florida day when suddenly a snarling pit bull charges across the street and attacks your beloved pet. What would you do? On April 16th, Ricky Powell of Debary, Florida pulled out a handgun, took aim and shot the animal before it killed his mini-pinscher.

While some, including the owner of the pit bull, have chastised Powell for pulling a gun and shooting the dog dead in the street, it is a fact that the terrified mini-pinscher owner did try to separate the dogs by hand first. However, the notoriously powerful jaws of the pit bull refused to release his dog, leaving him no other option.

Mr. Powell has a concealed weapon permit, and Florida law also provides its citizens with the right to protect domestic animals and livestock.

In the event that a vicious dog attacks you, follow these steps:

  • Seek medical attention — Immediately after a dog attack, seek help from a doctor or hospital. Dog bites can be fatal, especially for children and the elderly. Additionally, there is always the risk of contracting rabies or serious infection.
  • Identify the dog — If possible, take pictures of the animal and any property it has damaged, and identify its owner and the owner’s address.
  • Inform the local sheriff — Let the authorities know that a dog has bitten you so the necessary steps can be taken to protect other members of the public.

Dog attacks are terrifying. After you recover physically and psychologically, you may still be suffering. A skilled personal injury lawyer can move swiftly to help you build a case and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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