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Causes of SUV Rollovers

Sports utility vehicles, also known as SUVs, are great if you have a large family, plan on off-roading or simply want to add a bit of adventure to your life. But each year, rollover accidents injure and kill many drivers and passengers. Are SUVs inherently dangerous? Or do these tragic accidents result from negligence?

Some of the more common causes of sports utility vehicles include the following:

  • Speeding — Speeding in any vehicle can be dangerous. However, since SUVs, jeeps, trucks and vans are top heavy, they are more prone to rolling over if you attempt sharp turns with excessive speed.

  • Vehicle defect — When you buy a new SUV or other type of motor vehicle, you expect it to be in perfect working condition. Yet sometimes, tires, brakes and other automotive components contain manufacturer defects. If part of your SUV malfunctions, you may lose control over the vehicle and you could suffer injuries in a rollover accident.

  • Collisions — In some cases, it is a collision with another vehicle that causes an SUV to roll over. If your vehicle is struck by another car or truck it could flip over, depending on the force of the impact, whether your SUV is in motion and other factors,.

  • Impaired driving — If you drive your SUV while under the influence of alcohol, medication, or a controlled substance, you may swerve, speed or engage in other unsafe behaviors that could lead to a rollover accident. Alternatively, if you cross paths with a impaired driver, he or she could hit your SUV or exhibit behavior so reckless it causes you to make sudden swerves or turns, and your vehicle could flip over.

If you or your loved one suffers injury because of an accident with a negligent driver in Tampa, consult an attorney to learn about your legal options.

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