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Can You Fight A Domestic Violence Charge?

The answer is yes, you can fight charges of domestic violence in Florida.

If you were arrested on domestic violence charges in Florida, you are not alone. In 2012, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported more than 65,000 arrests on domestic violence charges. The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) reports answering more than 130,000 hotline calls related to safety planning and emergency resources. Domestic violence, against women or against men, is dangerous, unpredictable — and sometimes even deadly.

Just like personal arguments, charges of domestic violence can quickly get out of hand. When tempers flare, accusations fly and law enforcement arrives to make an arrest, usually a husband or boyfriend. Just like every person and every couple, each domestic violence matter is different. Some are based on real abuse, while other charges are based on falsehood. Consider these points about both:

  • Once called to a scene, law enforcement will make an arrest. If you are male, even if you made the 911 call, you may still end up being charged.

  • Victims often drop their claims or recant. Because of the psychological considerations of abuse, prosecutors will rarely drop the charges against you. However, without the willing testimony of the victim, a prosecutor may be more likely to reduce charges or work to find an arrangement to avoid trial.

For individuals and for society, there is no easy solution to domestic violence. If you are arrested on domestic violence charges, you may face misdemeanor or felony penalties. Always seek reputable legal help as soon as possible after any arrest.

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